Mar 29 2013

Creepier than it sounds.

I think and talk about my art a lot. In fact, I spend a lot of time trying to put in words how I would describe my work. I have always been close, which frustrates me more than having no clue at all.


Out of no where it hit me, at least closer then I have every been.


It was one of those blinding moments of clarity.


“Exploitation of innocence”.


Now as bad as that sounds, it does take me a little bit to describe what I mean.

When I have taken portraits I have to admit the need for an Art director. I have always had very little purpose for the shoot other than to get said model in front of a camera. Of course, as creepy as that may sound it was much creepier in practice.


Thing just worked out just fine for me.


To be honest, I like the results. It was all such a great experience. Sure awkward at times, but it pressed the model and me to just produce fun exciting and uncomfortably sexually charge images.


We would talk about life and she would come out of her shell during the shoot. Doing things that she maybe not do in front of a camera normally. I take pride that I get to see a side of someone that people normally don’t see.



Mar 16 2013

Missing my Photography.

I don’t know what I have to do, to get back into photography. I guess we can eliminate the obvious answers  (take more pictures). I would guess that part of my photography on the other side of the lens.

I know it’s my fault… I have communication issues, I am a bad art director when I get someone, let face it.. I am big wuss when it comes to talking about what is it I am after fro the model and really… when it comes down to it all.. I have no idea what I want.

So it’s all the models fault.