What I do and how I do it.

If you have ever been to church or that type of gathering you may have heard of “unspoken” prayer requests. The person who wants the prayers asks silently (or through someone else) because he is either too embarrassed to ask for himself or it is too personal or painful situation to talk about. Later, when someone close to him dies of something horrible you are shocked. You wonder “Why didn’t he tell me/us this before?” This question, if actually asked, is usually answered in an indignant manner “What do you think the unspoken prayer request was about?”

I have trouble listening to people when the give me feedback on my work. It is really not on purpose. For some reason either mentally I filter this feedback out or the people giving me feedback left something unsaid.

I feel the feedback is all good but the specific thing I need to hear is sometimes left unspoken. After many years of having all the bits and pieces floating out there, they are now all connected. I now understand what I doing wrong.  However I had to hear it was from one of the unkindest sources: other pro photographers.

The only thing I wish is that someone had told me these problems years ago, in a way I couldn’t filter out. I am sure someone has tried, but for some reason didn’t say the right key phrases to put the gears in motion.

Moving on, I am not sure how to get this to happen sooner in the future. I have a bad problem with being able to ask the right question to elicit get the right sort of feedback. In order to move to next level of my work I have to figure this out.

So I will put it out there now… I had no idea that I was as bad as I was with people pictures. I, in fact loved my work, but didn’t understand why others didn’t.

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