Drawing and broken bones.

I have a tendency to get overly excited about stuff I get involved in. That being said, I am recently rekindled my love of drawing.  I am incredibly rusty but I am determined to not only to get back into to my prime but sharpen my skills even further.

I can see now where I was making my mistakes.  But it is something that I do reflexively that needs to root out.   Kind of like a badly set bone that has slightly re-healed and then needing re-broke to be reset.

And about as painful.

I am severely inpatient and this is going to take a long time…Frustrating long to say the least.  Since however I enjoy my work I want to change and become better. Not just draw the same things over and over again, but do something better.


In the mean time I will continue to draw and enjoy all the tiny little steps in between were I am now…and the “better” I am looking for

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