On a Upswing.

You know when you get feeling bad and then you put some comfy clothes and watch your favorite movie or listen to some really good music.  You may even grab something bad for you to eat or drink.

You start to feel better right?

I was thinking about this and I am wondering if we are fooling ourselves into happiness.  Hear me out…

I just got done a stressful final, and I stayed up too late watching “Book of Eli” (great movie by the way). As the movie ended… I felt way better. Odd isn’t it?

I was wondering if we are way stronger then we give ourselves credit for.     I mean… it’s not the ice cream that is empowering you is it.

then I thought… maybe it’s because you let the fear and stress wash over you…and let all the other self protection mechanisms be turned off.   and for quite possibly the only time in your day… get to be you.

Not the you that society gets to see… the strong you…and you pull your tragic injured society you out of the unhappiness hole.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were the strong you all the time.

p.s. you can still eat the ice cream, watch the movies and put on the comfy clothes.   🙂

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